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What’s the Best Beginner RC Airplane for You?

When looking for a beginner RC airplane, new pilot should look for planes with a few key characteristics to help them be as successful as possible. Pilots will also want to make sure that their plane is suitable for their flying area. Make sure you can answer these key questions before choosing your plane.

Top Three Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Summer’s here, bringing your kids two glorious months of freedom and fun in the sun… as long as they don’t get bored or start spending too much time in front of the computer or TV. Keep your youngsters busy, happy and active over these celebrated months with a little planning and make this their best summer ever.

A Sneaky Way to Stay in Shape on Vacation

Everyone loves going on vacation, but the one down side is that we all tend to overindulge on food and drink while we are away and then have to do some damage control when we get home. However, there is a secret weapon you can use to minimize the effects of holiday indulgence! Just by adding some water activities to your holiday itinerary you can squeeze in a great full body workout that is going to help you to stay in shape while you are away from home.

How To Find Balance Between Active And Sedentary Play Activities?

In this day and age of Gordon Freeman and Mario, it is hard to detach tykes from the magnetic forces of a gaming device. It is impossible for us, parents, to separate children from the screens and make them live a life free from technological hazards. So what do we do? We find the balance. This article will walk you through how you can manage equilibrium between different child activities in order to create harmony in your child’s life.

How to Choose Binoculars for Birding: The Right Binoculars Can Make a Difference!

This article is a summary of what to look for when purchasing binoculars for birding. It explains some common terms and tells what to look for and why! If you are looking for a simple guide to choosing the right binoculars to start your new hobby of birding, here it is!

Cornhole: The Point System

This article provides a Summary of how to keep score in the game of Cornhole. Cornhole has a unique set of rules that make up the Point System. These rules may sound confusing to new players, but are actually pretty simple.

Cornhole Throwing Techniques

There are four throws that are used during game-play that should be utilized in different ways to maximize performance: The Slider, the Blocker, The Push, and Airmail. The first is called “The Slider”. The slider is my favorite type of throw.

Discount Medals For Your Teams

It is important to have medals for everyone on your team when you are participating in a big team event. This will let the team members know that their efforts are appreciated.

Stop the Over Coaching

What is ‘over coaching’? Well I will tell you. Like the game of baseball itself, it has two parts, the mental and the physical.

Time Is Not the Friend of High School Student Athletes Who Want to Play Sports in College

Time is the student athlete’s enemy. Whether it’s trying to earn a starting roster spot, break a state record or play sports in college, time is of the essence. College coaches are making offers to high school juniors, sophomores and freshman at an ever increasing rate. Coaches can actually communicate with student athletes as early as seventh grade. SEVENTH GRADE!

What Makes a Coaching Philosophy So Important?

Coaches spend a lot of time with their team. They need to have a clear vision of their goals and how they want to achieve them. Having a clear and defined philosophy of coaching will aid them in this.

Get to Know the Different Types of Bleachers

Today’s bleacher and grandstand collections make it possible to fit whatever your stadium seating or grandstand needs may be. Whether you’re looking for an economical ‘speedy bleacher’ or a more permanent option, the possibilities are endless.

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