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Reloading Bullets – Handloading

When I started reloading thirty plus years ago, it seemed like an extremely complicated process. Looking back, in some ways it was. In other ways it was just common sense, everything falling into place with time and experience. Today it’s easier to find information, there’s more of a variety of equipment, and in some cases better quality. The big advantages of hand loading today are still cost and especially today, component availability. Plus when you can take an accurate caliber and firearm combination, work up your own load that exceeds the accuracy of factory ammo, there is a satisfaction that is real and practical.

Retractable Floodlighting

With the increase of demand for sports ground and pitch use, clubs are turning to gain additional revenue by extending their operational hours. By lighting tennis courts, multi use games areas and horse arena’s etc they hope to increase their membership. This leads to problems with the planning office including light spillage, visual impact of the lighting and columns and the additional noise created.

An Overview on Army Medals

Medals are used in a variety of fields. Many people assume that medals are only used in sports, but they are also used in offices, the military, and in schools throughout the country. This article looks at how medals are used in the military and in what contexts they are used.

Tips for Safe Fun in Inflatables

Jumping in bounce houses can be enjoyable for people of virtually any age. Follow these tips for safe fun in inflatables to ensure that everyone uses this equipment carefully.

Park Furniture Arrangement and The City Life

With larger cities constantly growing, it is important for them to maintain the number and quality of their parks to keep up with the growing population. According to several studies done over the years, there are 4 major benefits of parks (especially in urban areas). When you walk into a park, it looks like just an open space with a few places to sit, run and play ball. What you may not realize is that a lot of effort went in to planning the perfect layout. When a park is designed right, visitors feel more welcome and are more likely to return.

A Closer Look at Medals

Medals are a great way to reward people who have put great effort into their work. Medals are also a positive way to persuade people to maintain their efforts. This article takes a look at the benefits of medals in general, the advantages they offer, and the different kinds of materials they are made from.

No Longer Sport But Commercial Competition?

Those who are old enough to remember the Olympic Games in London in 1948 will recall that all the athletes involved were amateurs. The four gold medals won by the Dutch mother of two, Fanny Blankers-Koen, inspired wonder, and the gallant failures of E MacDonald Baily and Wing Commander Don Finlay maintained a great British tradition. After a number of cases of suspected financial support enjoyed by some athletes, and a few disqualifications, a gradual relaxation of the rules governing amateur status got underway and by the 1990s all restrictions were abandoned and professional athletes were allowed to compete in all sports except boxing and wrestling. By this time, with the powerful aid of global television, big business had taken over not only the Olympic Games, but all sports that enjoyed a wide following. Why then, is there so much concern now over restricting the use of performance-enhancing drugs? Why treat chemical aid any differently from financial aid?

Why Activities And Sports Are Important To Kids

Learning the right values is the most important stage in your child’s growth. By engaging into sports or other kid activities, your child could learn the best lessons in life.

7 Things College Coaches Want From High School Athletes

Here’s a secret that most families don’t know until it’s too late. College scholarships and roster spots don’t always get offered to the best student and/or the best athlete. They are offered to the best student and/or the best athlete who the college coaches know!

An Overview Of Rock Climbing

We all have our own ideas when it comes to having fun. Choosing to engage in something that we totally enjoy makes life so much rewarding. Rock climbing is one of the endeavors that people take for fun while others have made it a profession. You do not need any kind of super strength so as to enjoy some rock climbing. By following set out procedures, rock climbing for beginners has become possible. You can learn the lingo, the gear up and this means that you will have a very easy start.

Summer Is Over – Are You a Legitimate College Recruit or Just Another High School Athlete?

High school athletes use the summer to show off their skills for college coaches at tournaments, showcases, camps and clinics. Unfortunately, most athletes and their families,spend a lot of money and time on the recruiting trail and walk away with nothing to show. It’s important that they understand the recruiting process and know how to determine if they are being seriously recruited before they run out of time.

Accurizing the Beretta M9 or 92FS Series Guns

Accurizing the military’s Beretta M9 (or 92FS in the civilian market) is something competitive marksmen seek to do. Here are some tips on how the pros make this type of pistol super accurate.

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